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What is a Startup Weekend?


The Startup Weekend is a non-commercial event promoting aspiring entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial experience. Teams with similar interests will be heavily supported throughout the first stages of developing individual business ideas - from the very initial inspiration to a viable business model. Eventually, the final pitches will be presented in front of and awarded by a panel of judges consisting of (inter-)nationally well-experienced actors within the startup scene.

How does a Startup Weekend work?


Who should participate?


Each and everyone being on a lookout for new challenges should participate, particularly those enjoying conceptual work within a very dynamic and highly inspiring environment, and everybody who feels intrigued by developing a viable and profound business idea within a short time period.

What awaits you?


Do I have to pitch an own business idea?

No, you don't have to reveal your idea, if you prefer not to. Anyways, you may miss out on a great chance to learn how to avoid mistakes that most inexperienced entrepreneurs make and how to turn your very own startup idea into a profitable business. At worst, another team will pitch the same or a similar idea at yet another Startup Weekend, win the competition and successfully enter the market. Be entrepreneurial, be courageous, live the spirit , live progress, be open-minded and have no regrets! Join Startup Weekend Mittelhessen! We are all in this together!

What happens after the weekend?


What do we offer you?

We gladly provide for a common platform here in Mittelhessen for you to gain first insights and experience within the startup environment. I.e. you will have the exclusive opportunity to develop and pitch your business idea in front of a panel of experienced and well-chosen actors of the (inter-)national startup scene and profit from profound feedback. The first three pitches will be awarded valuable prices. Beside, the best startup idea in the field of Life Sciences will be separately awarded! Other than that mentioned, you will benefit from professional input provided by versed mentors. And that is not all: Naturally, you will also be 'powered' with food and drinks throughout the entire weekend!


Why should you participate?


If you needed more inspiration, you should have a look at a few videos of our colleagues at other worldwide locations.


Our visionary goal is to promote the regional startup scene in Mittelhessen. By creating a common platform, the combined force and the full entrepreneurial potential of the region will come together and benefit everyone interested to gain (first) insights and perform within an entrepreneurial realm - no matter whether young or old, absolute beginners or established entrepreneurs. Everybody is invited to join us at the Startup Weekend Mittelhessen to get inspired, to exchange and create innovation!

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Day 1

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19. Mai 2017

Day 2

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20. Mai 2017

Day 3

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21. Mai 2017

Location plan

The event takes place at the Technologie- und Tagungszentrum Marburg, situated at
Software-Center 3, 35037 Marburg

That was the Startup Weekend Mittelhessen in 2016...